My Teaching Philosophy

Castle Rock Painting Classes

My goal is to teach the fundamentals of watercolor in a fun and colorful environment. I will teach the basics of creating a successful watercolor painting. Introduction of supplies, reference material, color, value, light, composition, special techniques and more for the beginning student as well as a refresher for the more advanced student to strengthen the knowledge of fundamentals for success. For the students with more experience, we will explore more advanced techniques and concepts while giving students an opportunity to work on their own projects in conjunction with the theme of the class. Themes will include such subjects as landscapes, flowers, animals and reflective surfaces. Art is ultimately a personal expression of each individual’s view of the world. I encourage unique creativity while teaching the skills to execute your vision. My goal is to personalize the instruction as much as possible in a class setting. Students also benefit from meeting fellow artists, observing different styles and techniques, and making new friends! Creativity can be therapeutic, invigorating, and exciting! I will take the guesswork out of the creative process so it’s less intimidating and more FUN. Each student will be supported and encouraged. There will be demos, instruction at all levels, critique and lots of painting time. Class time will be structured, yet open enough to accommodate the artistic spirit within all of us all. All levels are welcome and encouraged to attend. The only prerequisite is a desire to have fun creating! You will come away from this class with enthusiasm for watercolor painting, some new techniques, new friends, and knowledge that you can use for a lifetime.

watercolor classes castle rock

castle rock watercolor painting class


“Relaxed atmosphere, no pressure to be perfect. Great tips on watercolor and learning the basics. It was a fun class and you are a great water colorist.” -Dennis

“Cindy is a great teacher who freely shares her techniques and her love of watercolor in a fun and friendly way. I really enjoyed her class!” – Lisa

“Cindy is a great instructor. Very enjoyable and informative.” – Linda

“The class was very good. I learned a lot and the atmosphere was so relaxed and un-intimidating.” – Kathy

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